Newflame Plus 25kg

£11.43 ex VAT

Newflame Plus is our bestselling value for money smokeless fuel, designed specifically for use on multifuel stoves, other closed appliances and open fires with no compromise on quality.

Maxibrite Newflame Plus burns with a long flame, throws off a lot off heat, lights quickly and is ideal for making your home feel comfortable on those cold winter nights.

Designed for use in smoke control areas, this low emission fuel produces less CO2 than traditional housecoal, whilst the low ash content ensures there’s less wastage and less work cleaning out required.

Maxibrite Newflame Plus is approved by DEFRA and HETAS, ensuring you can buy with confidence.

  • Approved by DEFRA and HETAS for use in Smoke Control Areas
  • Long flame; long burn; high heat
  • Recommended for multifuel stoves; open fires; and other closed appliances
  • Won’t blacken the glass
  • Made in Great Britain


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