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The brilliantly versatile and efficient CE-approved Traveller Stove can be fitted in yurts, house conservatories or even converted school buses. The Traveller has an upright fire box, top air vent to control the burn, and has a heat output of 3.9 kilowatts. The Traveller is compact, and with the help of a heat shield, can be fitted in small unique spaces. The Traveller is a highly efficient woodburner, rated at 87.4% efficiency and has been tested to conform to health, safety, and environmental protection standards in the European Economic Area.

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The Anevay Traveller stove is designed to be used with a standard 4″ flue. The removable wings can be used as warming plates and having an ash drawer means you can easily control the draw on the stove. The Traveller allows you to load fuel in your stove from the top entrance or through the front door. With a heat a heat output of 3.5- 4.5kw and a glass window on the door means you see your fire burn, and enjoy all the comfort that that gives.


Anevay Traveller Features

Weight                                                          24.7kg

Dimensions                                                  43 x 28 x 53 cm                                                                                                            Fuel                                                               Wood                                                                                                                                CE Approved                                                Yes                                                                                                                                  Efficiency                                                      87.4 %                                                                                                                              Distance to combustibles 

From Sides: 450mm

From Rear: 300mm

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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