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Ground source heat pumps collect energy stored in the earth and use it to heat water in a cylinder for distribution to taps, appliances and radiators. This is one of the most advanced technologies available for home heating and hot water. Because the earth ‘stores’ low temperature heat energy it is an extremely reliable and constant energy source, it creates no harmful emissions and uses a very small amount of electricity. 

      The installation of a Ground Source heat pump involves the fitting of loop collectors underground in your garden (if your garden is particularly small the collectors can be placed vertically as well as horizontally), these then take heat from the ground and store it ready to be used to heat your home.

Ground source heat pump systems such as our ‘geoTHERM’ range offer fantastic household energy bill savings. Up to 75 percent of the energy used to heat your home and water can be taken from the ground.


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Ground Source Heat Pumps
6, 8 and10kW Models available for smaller properties A suitable home would be well insulated an..

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